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Robert Tronge

Hard work always reaps reward, but it's not always the most fun way to get what you want out of life. There are other legitimate ways -- like using your charm. It isn't appropriate in every situation (a smile at the DMV won't make the line move any faster), but today there will be at least one situation that you can help resolve in your favor simply by being your charming self. Whenever someone in power can use their discretion, you should use your personality. You have nothing to lose.


Today is a wonderful day to treat yourself to a few of your favorite things. Take some of your rainy day money and buy yourself something that you've been wanting. Treat yourself to an extra special dinner. Relax a little longer in bed and book a spa day. Put some extra chocolate chips in your cookies. Whatever special thing you do doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. It just has to be completely unnecessary. Right now, no one is better at putting a smile on your face than you!


One of the people you deal with on a nearly daily basis is not shy about singing your praises -- but in their admiration of you, they might be shaping themselves a little too much in your image. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but this might start to feel a little too much like outright copying. If you feel like they are shadowing you too closely, take action. Let them know that they don't have to copy you -- they are special being just who they are.


Those who have power over you right now are not very intellectually curious, which is a bit of a disappointment. It looks like if they get their way, things are going to be boring and predictable. But they are more open-minded to suggestions than you might think -- so why not offer up a few of yours? Step up, and you might be able to take over. It will be easy for you to stir up the other active people who have been waiting for someone like you to inspire them.


Today, it is better for you to accept a fight than to run from it. Conflict is seldom enjoyable, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary. You have to stay true to what you believe in. Otherwise, why bother believing? Face the fury of those who disagree with you -- and rely on help from the people who do agree with you. They are large in number, and strong in their dedication. Be direct and don't mince your words. The clearer you are in your own defense, the sooner the clash will be over.


There is going to be a deep, true value in every exchange you have today, whether it's a brief conversation with someone at the checkout line or a long meeting with the influential people at work. Something that's said will change your life. You'll get even more value out of these talks if you expose your real self right away. There is no need to hide what you really think or wait for someone else to introduce a topic so that you will have permission to do so.


You will be given a great deal of power today, although you might not realize it at first. The amount of attention you are getting from others is about to increase greatly -- are you prepared for being in the spotlight a lot more often? Make sure you look your best, and be ready to answer questions. At first, this situation might make you nervous. But once you get going, there will be no stopping you! You were born to be a leader, so enjoy your birthright.


The certain person in your life who has always been so elusive to you is about to dramatically change their style today. Suddenly, they're interested in your business and eager to spend time with you! Are you suspicious of this remarkable change of attitude? Good, because you should be. This is not the day to make a fresh start with anyone. That doesn't mean that you should never give them the time of day, it just means that today they may have ulterior motives.


There are so many fun events going on around you right now -- so which one are you going to dive right into? Try to pick only one, because if you spread yourself too thin and get involved in too many activities you won't end up enjoying yourself very much! You need to know your limits when it comes to play, just like you need to know your limits when it comes to work Robert Tronge. Once you have determined where you want to put your energy, you can dive right in and lose yourself in the good times.


The authority figure in your life might be acting strangely today -- it seems they are more concerned with their own issues than with mentoring you or challenging you to do your best. You might be tempted to take advantage of their distracted mood, but don't -- watch yourself and how you behave today. Now is the time to be a model citizen in every sense of the word. Resisting the temptation to goof off will help develop your ego and your self-discipline.


Today, go explore some territory that lies just outside the area where you usually go. Drive a little out of your way to check out that new restaurant or shopping mall. Be open to the unusual ideas of different cultures. They might not be right for your life, but they are good for so many other people -- so there must be something of value in them, right? You are in a good frame of mind to try more exotic foods -- and the music from other countries will ignite your imagination.


Your selfless side needs to get in better balance with your more self-oriented side. Have you been helping too many people for too long and neglecting your own needs? The biggest problem with giving all the time is that pretty soon you have nothing left! Putting other people first is getting less and less realistic -- you have got to start conserving your energy for your own needs. Start saying 'no' a little bit more often. It gets easier and easier each time you do it.


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